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Face mask

In public areas you should wear a face mask at all times to prevent the spread of germs. But remember also other rules of hygienic, like washing hands. It is important to wear a mask when visiting closed spaces, i.e. grocery store, pharmacy, public transport etc. At home and outside there is no need to wear one.

Wearing a face masks helps to reduce the chance of a droplet infection reaching another person when you cough or sneeze. Also healthy people should wear a mask to protect themselves: if somebody coughs or sneezes close to you, the mask reduces the possibility of germs spreading at amount that causes the infection.

We have different models in selection:

Woven masks. Material: cotton, polyamide, lycra. One size. No seams. Minimum qty just 50 pcs. Max 4 colors in design (background + 3 colors). The mask has a filter pocket (filter not included). Machine washable at 40 degrees.

Sublimation printed masks. Material: polyester, cotton. One size. Minimum qty just 50 pcs. Unlimited printing colors. Different models available.

3-layer cotton mask. OEKO-TEX spunbond filter fleece, OEKO-TEX cotton. One size. Minimum qty just 100 pcs. ashine washable at 60 degrees

When wearing a mask:

  • The mask has to cover both nose and your mouth
  • Wash hands before putting on a clean mask
  • While wearing a mask, do not touch in any reason. After touching it, you should change the mask
  • If the mask gets wet, change it
  • Wash mask after every time you using it

Plese note:

  • Face masks with logo are not medical grade
  • The masks are reusable and washable in washing machine

Face mask Face mask

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Face masks
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