Magnet stickers

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Magnet stickers

Magnet sticker requires a metal surface, for example many taxi and bus companies use magnet stickers. But of course magnet stickers are suitable for a fridge door, (metal) filing cabinet and containers.

Magnet sticker is made of a soft magnetic rubber, design is made on a sticker, which is pasted on the rubber: phone number, logo, web address – there are no limits really. Magnet sticker is not permanent, so it is wise to use it, when you wish to use the logo/ad temporarily or on certain times.

Usage: clean the surface before installing the sticker. Make sure, that the sticker is also clean.

Magnet stickersMagnet stickers

For price offer, please send us following information: measures, amount, purpose, shape, deadline.

If you are looking for a permanent adverisement for your car or a bus, read more about car taping here.

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Magnet stickers
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