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Label stickers

Label stickers are used when you wish to mark different packages, folders, (drinking) bottles, (office)supplies and others items.

We normally use two types of printing to produce labels: digiprinting and screen printing.

  1. Digiprint – suitable for smaller quantities and colorful prints. Different sizes and shapes are possible. Labels for longer or outside usage should be laminated.
  2. Screen printing – bigger quantities and less colors (1-3). Special colors are possible, ie. gold, silver, shiny, also scratchable etc. Screen printing is more durable than digiprint.

EAN code                           On a sheet                 On a roll                             Special shape

Label stickersLabel stickersLabel stickersLabel stickers

For price offer, please send us following information: measures, amount, purpose, design, deadline.

3D stickers are suitable to mark more expensive items, i.e. cars, furniture etc.

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Label stickers
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