3D stickers

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3D stickers

All 3d stickers are handmade, this is why, the price is higher than regular stickers cost. The surface of the sticker is covered with polyurethane, which gives the sticker 3d effect. 3D stickers are weatherproof and with long life time, they look nice and clearly stand out from regular stickers.

Different usages:

  1. car bumper
  2. furniture
  3. exhibition banner
  4. keyrings
  5. usb-sticks
  6. electronic equipment

It is possible to order different than white base film (standard is white): transparent, chrome, golden chrome, brushed, reflecting, supertack. White film is the cheapest.

We can produce special shaped 3d stickers aswell: round, triangle, rhomb, number etc.

3D stickers3D stickers

For price offer, please send us following information: measures, shape, amount, special request, deadline

Production time normally 1 week.

If you are looking for temporary stickers for metal surfaces, take a look at magnet stickers.

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3D stickers
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